iPhone 7, 7 Plus [ No Signal ] IOS 15 Support


Lpro Magic Hello Bypass




You must use a IRepair P10/DCSD cable for this operation.

Download Tool
 ( Link )

Step 1
Open Tool, Read ECID and Place order.

Step 2
1- Put DFU Mode
2- Preload PwnDFU
3- Preload Device(The Device Screen Will Turn Purple)

Change USB Cable > To > IRepair P10/DCSD Cable at This Stage. Proceed to Step 4

Step 4
Preload Check(The Device Will Restart)

Step 5
1- Enter DFU Mode Again
2- Run PwnDFU
3- Boot Device
4- Check SSH (Wait for the Button to light up to become this Check SSH )
5- Activation Device

Wait for the Device to turn on and the Device is Successfully Activated

*On some devices (iPhones) Notifications can be not working, we are improving this in next updates in future

After Bypass:
❌ Network
✅ iCloud
✅ Apple Store

Before start procces please read full service steps. If any problem, your device will be get Hello screen.


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