Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smartwatch – Black | Fitness Tracker


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  • Keep track of your health & fitness with this stylish Xiaomi smartwatch
  • Features a large dynamic display with more than 65 dial themes to personalise to your taste
  • 11 professional sports modes, including rowing, yoga, jump rope, elliptical & more
  • Durable & waterproof design, perfect for sweating, swimming or wearing in the shower
  • Ultra-long-lasting battery provides 14 days of uninterrupted use after a single charge


Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smartwatch – Black | Fitness Tracker Description

Monitor your heart, health, menstrual cycle, fitness and even your sleeping habits with this amazing all-in-one Xiaomi watch!


This superb smartwatch makes tracking and analysing your health and fitness a breeze, keeping you on track of your fitness journey to help you achieve a healthier and happier you.


The large 1.1” dynamic colour display shows you accurate readings of everything you need to know to keep tabs of your health and help you reach your fitness goals even faster, including real-time heart rate (and a vibration alert if it is unusually high), pace and calories burned.


For an even deeper insight into your internal goings-on, this Xiaomi watch even monitors your sleep with REM tracking technology and keeps you on top of your menstrual cycle with handy notifications, perfect!


Even better, with 65 stylish and user-friendly dial themes to choose from, you can personalise this smartwatch to suit your taste.


Supporting 11 professional sports modes, you can record and analyse a wealth of different workouts with intricate precision, giving you a comprehensive insight into your fitness habits and exercise efficiency.


Thanks to regular updates to the algorithms and hardware, this fitness tracker has improved its accuracy by up to 50% for exercise which involves irregular movement, including cross country, running, climbing, hiking and more.


Kickstart your fitness journey in style and get the most out of your workouts with this incredibly versatile smartwatch. What are you waiting for?



Manufacturer’s description:



  • Large dynamic color-display: Dynamic display with more than 65 dial themes
  • 11 sports modes: Rowing machine, jump rope, yoga, elliptical
  • 50 m water resistance: Wear when showering or swimming
  • All-new women’s health tracking: Menstrual cycle tracking and notifications
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring: Real-time monitoring with heart rate alerts
  • 24-hour sleep monitoring: Rapid eye movement (REM), naps
  • 14-day extra-long battery life: Battery-saver mode for extended battery life
  • Magnetic charging: Removal-free, direct charging

Large 1.1″ dynamic color-display. Everything on one screen.

Approximately 20 percent further increase in display area makes incoming calls, messages and alerts easier to see and ushers in a new era of dynamic dials.

Six straps in refreshing colors. There’s one for you too.

Which is your favorite? Vibrant yellow or light green? As many as six colors, to freshen up your summer wardrobe. Comes with the black strap as standard, other colors purchased separately.

11 professional sports modes. The more you move, the more weight you lose.

Supports Yoga, rowing machine, jump rope and more for the first time, accurately monitoring and analyzing every move you make. Monitors and analyzes your heart rate, pace and calories burned to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Fat-burning rowing machine mode. Train 80% of your muscle groups at once.

Want to burn body fat fast? This exercise trains almost all of your muscle groups at the same time and accurately records drive time, recovery time and strokes per minute, helping to burn fat fast.

24-hour smart heart rate monitoring. Notice anything out of the ordinary.

Comprehensive upgrades to algorithms and hardware have improved monitoring accuracy by up to 50 percent for forms of exercise with irregular movements such as cross country running, climbing, hiking and so on. Comes vibrating reminders when your heart rate is unusually high.

24-hour sleep monitoring. It’s easy to get a good night’s sleep.

Upgrades to sleep analysis technology have boosted accuracy by another 40 percent allowing for professional interpretation of your sleeping patterns, And offers scientific advice to help you quickly improve sleep issues such as insomnia.

Product Model:

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Bracelet Sports Fitness Tracker

Water Resistance Rating:


Display Type:


Screen Size:


Colour Depth:


Screen Brightness:

Maximum brightness greater or equal to 450 nits, adjustable

Display button:

One touch-button (wakeup, return)

Display cover material:

2.5D reinforced glass and AF coating

Wristband buckle material:

Aluminum alloy

Strap material:






Wireless connectivity:


Battery type:

Lithium-ion polymer battery

Charging method:

Magnetic charging

Battery capacity:


Charging time:

Less than 2 hrs

Battery life:

Up to 14 days

Adjustable wrist strap length:

155-219 mm

Dimensions (L x H x W):

46.95 mm x 18.15 mm x 12.45 mm


11.9 g


  • Colour: Black


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